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What is Video Over IP?

Video over IP is a technology that allows video to be extended over standard Internet Protocol. Internet protocol is how your computer communicates with the network. Gefen's Video over IP products utilize this technology to enable you to extend your entire workstation anywhere on your network. Typically your monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected directly to your PC. By connecting them through the Gefen Video Over IP system, you now have the freedom to move your workstation anywhere within your Local Area Network. Just connect your computer to the Sender unit and your monitor, keyboard, mouse, microphone, and speakers to the Receiver unit.




What are the benefits over standard CAT-5 Extenders?

Typical KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) extension solutions need their own dedicated cabling, requiring new large wiring infrastructures to be installed separately from the existing Local Area Network. With Video over IP technology, you can utilize your existing LAN, eliminating the need for costly rewiring. This can be great for accessing remote servers right from your desk, or even relocating your workstation to reduce heat exposure or electromagnetic interference. Gain remote access to server rooms, Point of Sale terminals, shipping/receiving workstations, security stations, hospital room data entry stations, and more. We have three models, supporting DVI, VGA, and HDMI formats. Not only will these extend video, keyboard and mouse, but they will also extend select USB 2.0 devices, two-way analog audio, RS-232, and IR signals for total workstation control.


Software Solutions can have severe limitations

Software-based solutions for accessing a workstation remotely can be complicated and costly. You must get access from your system administrator to open a port, which can cause a security hole. These applications also suffer from lag, input delays, and low, non-native resolutions. You typically view your workstation in a window on your desktop. Splitting the keyboard control between two machines can also cause glitches, inconsistent performance, and other frustrations. When you need reliable remote access to a workstation, Gefen's hardware solutions prove to be the liberating choice.

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