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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is an exciting new way to advertise your business or service. The concept is simple; Mount a display or set up a kiosk in an area of high visibility, create your content, and load it onto your player. This interactive content can be anything from video to live news feeds. You can even schedule what content plays when. Gefen has a variety of Digital Signage units designed for your particular uses. When you need 1080p Full HD playback and scheduling, our HD Digital Signage Medial Player is a great choice. When it comes to content creation, the Digital Signage Creator is at the top of its class. Also, check out our Wi-Fi compatible units to save on costly cabling.

Hardware and Software for any Digital Signage Application:

Effective way to playback and schedule digital signage videos on both digital and analog displays. Once connected to the network, content can be pushed to the box using a computer and FTP client program or the units can be set to pull content from a local or external FTP server based on a schedule.

The High definition 1080p Full HD media player offers an easy way to upload pre-recorded video and customize scrolling text and music using easily-managed playlists with any networked computer. Audio and video is output via HDMI or VGA interfaces with separate audio outputs.

The Digital Signage Player with Wi-Fi is a full-featured, high-definition media player providing a clean and seamless Digital Signage solution. This SMIL-compliant Digital Signage Player is a LAN-based product, which supports 1080p Full HD, one-line scrolling text, 2-channel L/R audio, and calendar. Includes 10 preloaded templates.

This unit provides a seamless way to integrate live video using a composite input with audio. With this feature, users can overlay content and separate the video into four quadrants for more complex systems. This SMIL-compliant Digital Signage Player is a LAN-based product, which supports 1080p Full HD, one-line scrolling text, 2-channel L/R audio, and calendar scheduling. Includes 10 preloaded templates. 

Enjoy totally customized content creation in your Digital Signage projects with the ability to add music, layer video images, write scripts and pull RSS feeds directly off of the Internet. The combinations are limited only by your creativity. Both HDMI and VGA outputs are provided with separate audio outputs to support digital and analog displays with separate external audio amplification. RS-232 can be used to turn the displays on/off.

HD Digital
Signage Creator

The HD Digital Signage Creator uses SVG (Scaled Vector Graphics) as well as web template concepts and is limited only by the creativity and imagination of its user. Using the integrated Fusion software, users can manage their content with easy-to-use templates directly from the hardware and a web browser. Coming soon...
Digital Signage Applied: Denver Center for Performing Arts

When the Denver Center for Performing Arts decided to build a cutting-edge Digital Signage project for their lobby, Gefen's Digital Signage Creator provided the best solution. The 12-acre complex is located in downtown Denver and features productions such as Avenue Q, Ruined, Five Course Love and more. The idea was to present patrons in the lobby to new performances, as well as highlight sponsors from multiple displays and touch screen kiosks. The Gefen Digital Signage Creator (DSC) allows for cutting-edge interactive content from a variety of media sources. The easy to operate software offers many advanced features such as uploading video and pulling live RSS feeds. You can also stream and schedule video content from a server. One of the best features of the devices is the extremely low power consumption compared to using a PC. With the low price of LED displays, the value equation for digital signage is hard to negate. For the Denver Center for Performing Arts the DSC proved to be a solid and innovative marketing solution. more info...